Float Switches

This switch can be used on precise / low cost applications for measuring liquid levels.

The switch is used to stop and start pumps and can also serve as a protection function by activating high and low level alarms.

Interrupting Capacity:

  • Magnetic Reed Switch: 500ma 0-50V AC.DC
  • The Magnetic Reed Switch is ideally suited to telemetry signals installations as it has a 60 degree differential from the horizontal that ensures that ripples in the liquid do not affect the signals.


  • Can be wired normally open or normally closed.
  • 2mm Thick seamless, polypropylene casing. (Ensuring no leaks).
  • Casing is pressure filled with a closed cell polyurethane foam, making it watertight.
  • The polyurethane foam also protects the switch against impact.
  • Flexible p.v.c tube prevents the cable from kinking and it’s clamping action on the cable prevents moisture travelling down the cable into the casing, should the cable become damaged.
  • The Nitrile cable and the casing are resistant to a wide range of solvents and chemicals.
  • Built in weights allow the switches to pivot on their own axis.
  • The switches are not sensitive to rotation, in that they can pivot in any direction.


  • All switches are available with standard cable lengths of 06meters; 13 meters and 20 meters.
Float Switches | Nivotrol
Float Switches | Nivotrol

Technical Information:

Dimensions and Mass

  • Diameter: 80mm.
  • Casing Length: 138mm.
  • Mass with 5m of Cable: 0.680kg.
  • NB. In accordance with SAFETY REGULATIONS, the float switches MUST be connected to a low-voltage control circuit through an isolating transformer, and used in conjunction with sultably rated relays.
Float Switches | Nivotrol

Wiring Diagrams:

Wiring Diagrams | Float Switches | Nivotrol

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